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Aspiranet REACH Fresno County


One of the primary functions of the REACH Program is advocacy. An advocate defends, supports, and promotes the interests of another. The REACH program is designed to help adoptive parents develop specialized parenting skills and make informed decisions. We help adoptive families make positive adjustments and smooth transitions as they grow and change, and we also help adoptive children succeed at home and at school by receiving the services they need. REACH provides legislative advocacy for children and families in various ways. Aspiranet/REACH also play a significant role in campaigns at the state and local level to address the special needs of children in the child welfare system.

Listed below are websites and information to find your local and state representatives should you choose to advocate for children and families. Your voice counts and makes a difference for our adoption community.

Governor Gavin Newsom: State Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA 95814; Ph: (916) 445-2841; Fax: (916) 558-3160; Website:

To find your local legislators, visit:

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